IN this conscience our organization AWARD has initiated to serve for the people along with them for their own development by utilizing their own resources and other available sources
     To take care of the uncared poor people, AWARD, was initiated, by the secretaryship of Venkatesan, along with some other social activists by the year 1986 in Erode district. The secretary has acquired a vast experience in the field of social work.


                      As our organization is a most enthusiastic one, There are some principles existing, we have acquired all the legal entities and powers through “The Tamilnadu Societies” Registration act, Sec 27of 1975, by the year 2001, with the registration number on 23/2001 on 14th June .Later on we have ensured AWARD, in the “Foreign Contribution Act” (FCRA) of 1976, under the ministry of home affairs and “The Income Tax Act” recognized by I.T.O.u/s 12a(a) and I.T.O.u/s 80G

About us

              AWARD steps are steady and slow in the field of education, health, tribal and environment development. Moreover, the organization extended his services in various fields / issues such as women, girl children issues, women empowerment and tribal development. The education and community development are contributing factors for the sustainability of the society. . Read more>>

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